"Cycle Writer"
'Cycle Writer' is a film about a year in the life of Monika Smith, a local freelance photo journalist who worked in and around the Bognor Regis area of West Sussex. 
'Cycle Writer' actually covers approx 14 months, December 2003 to January 2005, and shows Monika interviewing and photographing nearly 100 diverse local stories.
Interviewing a much travelled teddy bear or a nun's pet dog was as much part of Monika's work as was interviewing the local MP or being cut out of a car by the fire brigade.
In the early part of 2005, just after principal photography was completed, Monika was diagnosed with cancer and very sadly died in January 2006.
'Cycle Writer' premiered in May 2007 and released onto the net in 2008. Unlike contemporary documentaries, 'Cycle Writer' does not use talking heads nor voice over commentary.
'Cycle Writer' was photographed, edited and directed by Stuart McKears and is feature film length with an original theme song by Matt Argyle

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