Films from the past
"Task of the Teacher"
Watch Task of the Teacher 1972
Shot in Heber Infants School, Kevington Junior and Infants School,
Lady Bankes Infants School, Northcourt Junior and Infants School,
Purley Oaks Infants School, Sherwood Park Infants School,
St Peter's Junior and Infants School and Stoughton Junior School
"History through Portraits"
Watch History through Portraits 1970s
Shot in the Tudor Room of the National Portrait Gallery
and in Scott's Park Junior School in Bromley, Kent
"Valid Persons"
Watch Valid Persons 1981
People who live in Leonard Cheshire Homes for the Disabled
Shot in
Greenhill House, Timsbury
Carnsalloch, Dumfries,
The Cotswold, Cheltenham,
Dolywern, LLangollen,
Douglas House, Brixham,
Freshfields, Formby,
St Michael's, Axbridge,
Mickley Hall, Sheffield,
Roecliffe Manor, Leicestershire,
Seven Springs, Tunbridge Wells

These films were shot on Eastmancolor with a 16mm Arri BL or SR, Nagra, etc. Unfortunately, there are no remaining prints and these videos are copies from pretty poor VHS/Betamax recordings made in the 1970s/80s

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